Commerical Flooring

For decades, Apex Floor Coverings has grown throughout the Chicagoland area for all types of commercial flooring, including carpet, vinyl, linoleum, rubber, ceramic and stone tile, sports and safety flooring, hardwood and more. Please call us for any type of commercial flooring work, regardless of size.

Every business or organization has a corporate or entrepreneurial culture. While this culture extends well beyond appearances, it is often established the minute employees, partners and customers enter your space and step onto your commercial flooring. Scientific research points to the importance our surroundings or environment have on our mood, our performance, even our spending habits. The atmosphere you create in your space can have critical and lasting effects on your people and your business. We’ve helped transform restaurants, museums, theaters, pubs, shopping malls, gyms, Fortune 500 businesses and more simply by changing their commercial flooring.

Flooring can play a surprisingly large role in the overall perception of a space. It can help you meet people’s needs, convey personality and style, welcome them and set the stage for what to expect. For this reason, it’s important not only to determine your style and aesthetic goals but how the space will be used. A high-traffic lobby may be well suited for ceramic tile or carpet squares for maximum durability and easy maintenance. A small, private waiting room might benefit from the warmth of hardwood or carpeting. A high-end restaurant might choose an environmentally friendly reclaimed wood. A museum or theater might choose a more formal, high-gloss finish on their hardwood.

Our design experts can answer all of your questions and recommend options to suit your needs.

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